venerdì 28 agosto 2009

Castello di Lucignano

The remarkable history and breathtaking beauty of the medieval village, Lucignano, leaves its visitors with a sense of fascination and serenity. The village’s extensive history has been revealed through a range of incredible findings including Etruscan artifacts, its Roman wall that continues to function as part of the castle’s ancient wine-cellar and its first written account, dating back to 912.

Along with the destruction of the village’s fortification, Lucignano’s prized Castle was eventually converted into an aristocratic estate, and continues to serve today as a fruitful provider of various agricultural products including extra virgin olive oil, honey and its much celebrated Chianti wines.

The village’s remarkable panoramic views are enjoyed thanks to its historical strategic location. Situated in a zone of immense strategic importance, the village is located in a geographically dominant position between the cities and powerful territories of Siena and Florence near the town hall of Gaiole in Chianti.

The town’s name, “Lucignano” likely derives from its founders, the Roman Licinia family, and the subsequent arrival of Lucio Silla who conquered it in the 1st century BC. The many Etruscan aged archaeological discoveries signal the presence of the village’s age, but we are left with little written documentation dating before the 13th century and are thus left to imagine that the village functioned as a free commune while under partial control of the Episcopal curate of Arezzo.

The most impressive aspect of Lucignano is its breathtakingly beautiful castle, Castello di Lucignano. In an vast effort to restore the magnificence of the destructed castle, the German entrepreneur, Gerd K. Schué and his son Stephan, have completely restored the castle and its respective property. Vines and olive groves that provided the property with its historical characteristic value have been replanted and an immense wine cellar has been constructed. Along with the internal and external renovations of the castle, the estate is proudly considered one of the most beautiful properties in the Tuscan region.

The estate’s newly renovated wine cellar is a much sought attraction for its visitors and offers a magnificent tasting room complete with advanced technological equipment, including computer-controlled fermentation vats to regulate temperatures and to guarantee the maximum extraction of aroma and color components of the grape skins. The castle’s 40 acres of vineyards, composed dominantly by the Sangiovese grape, are planted in the hills outside the castle, surrounded by the mountains of the region.

An equally worthy attraction is the estate’s elegant restaurant, “Il Solissimo.” Established in a restored former barn, the restaurant’s unique atmosphere is characterized by its ancient structures and typical Tuscan menu that naturally changes in accordance to the season.

Within the historical castle, an exclusively restored apartment is now available for sale. The 1.500 sq. ft. apartment is situated within the historical castle and overlooks the surrounding vineyards and olive groves near Brolio in Chianti. The complete and luxuriously furnished apartment is composed of a 50 sq. ft. terrace, living room, kitchen-dining room, 2 bedrooms and 2 bathrooms. Included is an underground garage and beautiful infinity condominium pool (8 x 16 m) complete with a magnificent view. The property is very well kept and maintained. The apartment is completely equipped with ISDN, SAT-TV, HI-FI, DVD etc, combining the beauty of the castle’s ancient history with the modern comforts of today. Listed at € 549.000,00 by Casa in Toscana, the apartment can be reached via the company’s website,